When dharma becomes adharma and adharma becomes dharma

Remembering with fondness Saurabhi dasa, Srila Prabhupada’s architect

One who observes injustice and does nothing is also implicated in sin

Istanbul lecture on Bhakti-yoga (Part 2)
Dasyam, sakhyam and atma-nivedanam. (English/Turkish)

Istanbul istagosti with devotees (Part 2)
Questions and answers. (English/Turkish)

Proofreader for Lal Publications
Several books are coming up for production in Lal Productions by its in-house author, Sivarama Swami, and one thing we realise we don’t have, and never have had, actually, is a proofreader. more...

Istanbul istagosti with devotees (Part 1)
Questions and answers. (English/Turkish)

Istanbul lecture on Bhakti-yoga (Part 2)
Pada-sevanam, arcanam and vandanam. (English/Turkish)

Thursday evening bhajana in New Vraja-dhama

Istanbul kirtan at the Gauranga Centre

Jahnavi sings at last nights program

Debrecen kirtana night