Rupamati dd asks about mixed devotion and how it works and how it is purified

Why and how we need to be free of the sense of possessiveness and so give everything to Krsna’s mission
Or according to Srila Prabhupada at least 50% (or according to others the very least 10%). more...

My meeting with some special guests today

Rajen ask of the relevance of the caste system in this age of equal opportunity
And Manjari asks about the connection between devotees' lifestyle and ability to follow vows. more...

Introduction to Bhakti-yoga (Part 2)
Public program in Timisoara Romania on June 28th. more...

The entire fire sacrifice
Along with initiation lecture and name giving ceremony for Bn. Gizem in Istanbul's first initiation. more...

Evening kirtan on July 22nd

Evening kirtan in NVD on July 21nd

Friday night’s kirtan evening in Debrecen

Kirtana at Nandagrama parikrama