Lord Caitanya comes to the rescue

The Hop-on-hop off bus

Introduction to yesterday’s strategy meeting on SRS vlogs and communication preaching

The softness of the Lord’s heart

Budapest Ratha Yatra 2017

Scenes from Bucharest preaching

Transit Point
Krsna-lila's video about volunteers of various religious backgrounds, including Bhakta Vatsala prabhu and Hungarian FFL devotees helping refugees, got into the top 10 of the American Religious Newswriters' Association's 'Faith Counts' video contest. more...

Our mission
Last meeting with devotees in Bucharest.

Praying for hard times
Bhakti Gauravāṇī Swami's last class in NVD.

Sunday evening bhajan in Budapest

Most wonderful kirtans closing this weekend’s festival

Kirtana Sunday morning

Sunday morning before Radha-Syama
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