Bhakta Anton and Vrsabhanu dasa ask who one should accept as guru if one’s siksa guru doesn’t give diksa
And why only devotees who chant suddha-nama are worthy of service.

A new Law in Vrndavana

In our Gaudiya Vaisnava tradition we have many Astakas, Stutis and different Stotras like Visnu Sahasra Nama
What is the practical value of these Nama Stotras? Why and when should they be chanted and in what mood?

Daksina d.d. asks
What does it mean to depend on Krsna - practically?

Thursday evening Vrndavana kirtana with parikrama devotees

Budapest Gaura-Nitai’s 23rd aniversary festival kirtana

Wednesday night kirtan in New Vraja-dhama

Tuesday evening kirtana in NVD