This human form of life, so rare, is our golden opportunity and one not to be risked or missed

Bh. Peter asks how Brahma stole the gopas from Goloka – strange -, Tarun Krsna whether milk is spiritual
Vraja-kumara about karma and Govardhana dasa questions about store bought milk. more...

In response to some devotees who wanted to hear more about who is the Radha-kunda d.d. in Krsna Valley who is preparing to leave this world

Humility and qualification as the means to enter into Radha-Krsna’s pastimes

Conference on community
Does community depend on firendship or values or self-effulgent readers, and more. (Russian/English) more...

Introduction to Bhakti-yoga (Part 2)
Public program in Timisoara Romania on June 28th. more...

Sunday morning’s kirtan in Krsna Valley

Sounds of Krsna Valley festive – Saci-suta sings

Sunday evening kirtana and Sri Rupa-manjari padan

Saturday evening kirtan in Eger