Lord Jagannatha

Offering our respects to the Supersoul
Mayapura Bhagavatam Class. more...

The role of mothers can only be complete in a Varnasrama structured society
Mothers' day festival, Sunday 22nd - Sivarama Swami. more...

Harigana asks about the deity at Raval
Andrey about the skyscraper temple being built in Vrndavana, Natabara Gauranga about the effect of hearing different kirtaneers, Karuna-mayi why women dont have upavita and Manjari why I ask men not to wear hats in the temple. more...

Evening kirtan, 25th – Sivarama Swami, Sacisuta and Tulasi dd.

Kirtan on evening of Feb 24th, Mayapura

Evening kirtan, February 23rd

Book distribution festival kirtana