Revati d.d. asks whether wanting another svarupa could be another reason for our leaving Vaikuntha

Vṛndāvana Bihāri Dāsa, asks whether Sukadeva Goswami is Radha’s parrot in Goloka
Abigail where she can find descrirpions of Vrndavana forest, Istvan about why we encourage donation with increased returns and Yogesh Bhatt about controling the mind.

Happy Govardhana-puja
Pastime of faith, in the land of faith by the people of supreme faith.

Signing off email and Viber until mid November – time for studying and writing

Scenes from a GBC meeting

Indradyumna Swami’s successful USA festival tour

Long recorded Govardhana-vasa-prarthana-dasaka

Final Kirtana at Turkish Sadhu-sanga: Niranjana Swami

Final Kirtana at Turkish Sadhu-sanga: Sivarama Swami

Friday evening in Istanbul
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