2 Nov: Bahulastami
November 2nd, 2007

In Padma Purana, Kartika Mahatmya, it is stated: “Radha-kunda is very dear to Sri Hari and is situated near Govardhana Hill. By taking bath in Radha-kunda on the eighth day of the waning moon in the month of Kartika [Bahulastami], one can greatly please Lord Hari, who enjoys His pastimes there. This kunda is as dear to Krishna as Radha Herself. Amongst all the gopis, She is the most dear to Krsna. It is the duty of the devotees to bathe in the Radha-kunda during the month of Kartika and thereafter worship Lord Janardana. This simple worship pleases Krsna as much as one does by worshiping Janardana on the day of Uthana-ekadasi.”


  • The story of Bahula the cow.
  • The appearance of Radha-kunda: pictures will be on the site tomorrow.

Bahulavan in Vraja-bhumi