Jaya Radhe Syama
April 11th, 2009

Kirtan on Saturday morning in New Vraja-dhama.

2 Responses to “Jaya Radhe Syama”

  1. prakash [hari om] says:

    hare krsna maharaj…
    please accept my humble dandavats…
    all glroies to srila prahupad…

    yesterday whole day i was hearing your kirtan and missing you so much….
    unlimited thanks to you for evrything.. itz for u that i am able to serve govinda swami.. if u would have not introduced me.. this would never be possible… this kirtan is damn damn sweet… juz making me immersed in love and seperation from you and krsna..!
    misssing u soo much……
    hari hari….
    ur servant,
    harrii ooommmm!!!

  2. Sivarama Swami says:

    Hari om, thank you for your kindness but please dont use 4 letter words, unbecoming a Vaisnava.